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About Derek

Derek has been acting since he was 7 years old. He is originally from Massachusetts, the state where he graduated high school and college earning his associate's degree in broadcasting and telecommunications.

While in collage Derek developed Coolwaters Productions LLC and produced his first 3 independent films which include Rescue Me (shot for the Drug Free America charity) and Shorts (a film containing 3 mini stories covering slap stick comedy, horror and a super hero special effects story).

After graduating from college Derek made the big move to Hollywood, California, where he currently resides and is continuing to pursue his acting and directing  career. With years of frustration building (as it often does with actors) Derek decided to resurrect Coolwaters Productions LLC from his college years. Coolwaters is now producing many independent films standing behind the company's slogan; "Don't wait for Hollywood to make your film. Do it yourself"!

His first major success is his award winning film "INSTANT DADS" which was nominated on the film festival circuit 5 times for "Best Film" and WON the honor twice! The film can be seen on AMAZON (free with Prime or for a nominal fee non-Prime members).

Currently producing a few documentary films including one on his client, actor DOUG JONES, which will be a feature length documentary giving in in-depth look into the career of Mr. Jones.

He's not just an actor... He is also President of Coolwaters Productions LLC, a management company, for established actors, that specializes in personal appearances, meet and greets, comic cons and autograph signings.


Current Career Highlights:

Film & TV

Feature Film:

Available on

An independent film about a guy, Steven (who happens to be gay), who's ex-girlfriend from high school, Nancy, shows up with a surprise, their 10 year old son Luke! Nancy never told Steven that she got pregnant on prom night with his child (the only girl Steven ever slept with by the way). Nancy has reappeared in Steven's life dying of cancer. She informs Steven that her last wish is to have him "the natural father" adopt Luke. WOW what a blow for a guy who is in a relationship with another guy and neither one of them have a clue on how to raise a 10 year old kid! After many talks with his boyfriend Peter, Steven decides that he will make Nancy's dieing wish come true, but NOT without a little CRASH COURSE FIRST!

TV Series:
Icons Unearthed: Star Wars

Available on

In depth interviews with many of the talented people (actors and behind the scenes folks) that helped bring "Star Wars" into the main stream of our world and make it the iconic franchise it is today! Includes interviews with Billy Dee Williams (Lando Calrissian), Ian McDiarmid (The Emperor) plus Marcia Lucas, Oscar-winning film editor and ex-wife of George Lucas, who sits down for her first-ever on-camera interview and provides unique insight into the rise of LucasFilm.

Feature Documentary:
In Search of Tomorrow

Available on

A nostalgic journey through '80s sci-fi films, exploring their impact and relevance today, told by the artists who made them and by those who were inspired to turn their visions into reality.

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